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Hi all,

Currently this guild is not active at the moment. We have joined up with "Abandoned." This site will however remain up for the time being and I may eventually rebuild this guild.

Thanks to everyone for all the help in the past and making Freedom Limited so awesome. :)


We are a friendly guild that like to have a great time in Rift. We do world content, raids and a couple of us even PvP. We are a small drama free guild and looking to fill out our 10 and 20 man raid team. We are looking for raiders and cool peeps to chill with and just all around have fun. By no means are we a hardcore raiding guild that will require massive amounts of time but we are looking for people that want to progress in raiding. We all have lives and sometimes you just can't make all the raids. We understand. Just do your best to make the raids.

If you have any questions feel free to find us in game. We are on deepwood and you can speak to Tagon, Vaiden, Razzele, Mongargiss, Angmar, or Diznutz if you have any questions or if this sounds like the guild for you.

Active Guild Perks
Summon Banner of Rage 3 / 3
Increases Attack Power by 50. Lasts 3 minutes.
Summon Banner of Zeal 3 / 3
Increases Spell Power by 50. Lasts 3 minutes.
Planar Protection 3 / 3
Increase resistances by 30. Lasts 1 hour.
Blood Thirsty 3 / 3
Killing a player heals you for 30% of your maximum health over 6 seconds. Lasts 1 hour.
Call of the Ascended 1 / 1
Bring all raid members back from the dead with 10% health and Mana.
Killing Spree 3 / 3
Killing a player increases critical hit by 9% for 6 seconds, lasts 1 hour.
Summon Guild Rally Banner 1 / 1
Summons a Banner that allows guild members to teleport to it's location using Guild Rally Tokens.
Passive Guild Perks
Lucky Penny 3 / 3
Increases coin gained from looting monsters by 9%.
High Visibility 2 / 3
Increases Guild Banner radius by 20 meters.
Earthly Ties 2 / 2
Reduces the cooldown on Soul Walk by 10 minutes.
Foe Hunter 3 / 3
Increases Favor rewards by 9%.
Cache Finder 3 / 3
Increases rewards gained from expert dungeons by 15%.
Rift Extraction 1 / 3
Increases rewards gained from closing rifts by 3%.
Tithe 3 / 3
Increases coin gained from looting monsters by 3% and that increase is sent to the Guild Bank.